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en stock

Make the next move+

100km Max Range

5500W Peak Power

4-in-one Side-mounted Motor

ATL Soft Pack Battery

Light Weighted Single Swing Arm

CAN Technology

4.299 €

frais de mise en route et frais d'immatriculation non compris.

Life is colorful Build your AE6

The glance from the future
The ideal blend of technology and reativity
The unique urban front face integrates the formative arts with advanced technology
Creating a smooth outline and elegant visual effect.
Efforetless in control
Enjoy going everywhere else
Feel a new level of prolific power and inspiring performance
Unparalleled light
Exceed all expectations
Dual-color injection molding contributes to the distinguished contours of AE6
Making it the perfect match for a detailed-oriented driver with a daring personality
Stand out Show off
Brilliant, vibrant colors with a metallic shine. Automotive-level panel
Fearless of extreme environment, splendid all the time

Spécifications AE6

  • Dimentions : 1780mm×730mm×1090mm 
  • Wheel base : 1260mm
  • Seat height : 735mm 
  • Min ground clearance : 130mm
  • Curb weight : 96kg